School’s History

The Roseau R.C. Combined School was opened on Monday 25th April, 1955.  The school was housed in a room at the bottom floor of the Pan Boilers residence opposite the Sugar Factory in Roseau.  At the opening of the school about 12 to 14 pupils were registered with only the person in charge (Mr. Jones Jn. Baptiste).  There were no teachers on that said day. A few weeks later, a young lady from Canaries was appointed to teach the group of students.


As word went around about the school, the number of pupils was increased and the room where they occupied became too small; therefore the school was transferred to a wall building next to the only shop in Roseau at the time. By October of that same year, the number on staff was the Head Teacher and 3 young female teachers with very little experience.


However, that did not prevent the pupils from progressing.  At the opening of the school the pupils were mostly Creole (Patois) speaking children and so the Creole had to be translated into English.  Though the task was a huge one, the school progressed.  Sometime at the end of October of that same year Mr. Jones Mondesir, the Inspector of Schools visited and tested the pupils in Reading, Mathematics and English and reported that he was quite satisfied with the progress the pupils had made.  It was then decided by Management to build a proper school at another location and so Jacmel was chosen for that purpose.