Our school is equipped with two computer labs located in the basement  with excellent availability for our teachers and their classes. There is a comprehensive schedule detailing different time slots for all classes. The lab can also be reserved for presentations or classes that require the use of technology.


Our school also houses a library which connects our teachers to an array of information and ideas to support our students.  In addition to classroom visits with collaborating teachers, the school   library serves as a place for students to do independent work , prepare for spelling bee contests and testing. The library provides access to local, regional and international books and resources that enable all
members of the school community to become effective users of information.


Our staff room is located on the main floor of the school and constitutes a small oasis of calm and sanctuary for our teachers. Our photocopy machine and our main printers are  located in the staff room which provides easy access to our staff.  The staff room also serves as the main venue for teacher’s meetings and gatherings.


Our assembly hall, also located on the main floor is  our main venue for school events, including Christmas celebrations, Creole Day and assemblies on Mondays.