Meet the staff




Meet Special Education Teacher Mrs. Theodora Charles.










Meet Ms. Stephanie Fenelon French and Music Teacher.




Although she loves both subjects, Ms. Fenelon is extremely passionate about French.  Her favorite instruments are the keyboard and trumpet.  Her teaching journey commenced two years ago right at this institution and she teaches all classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6. She loves interacting with children especially those who are of a lower socio-economic standard. Ms. Fenelon strives hard to support them in every way especially socially, emotionally and spiritually. Her goal is to serve every student at their different cognitive abilities and to make education meaningful throughout life.




Kindergarten Mrs. A. Simpson









Meet Grade One Teacher Mrs. Sylvia Donnelly.



Her teaching career began in the yer 1995. She taught for a period of 2 years and then applied to do the Teaching Certificate at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in 1999. In 2011, Mrs. Donnelly proceeded to pursue the Bachelor’s in Education in Language Arts and graduated with upper second class honors. Her ultimate goal as a teacher is to take her students to the highest possible point in their learning in order to become functional citizens.







Meet Mrs. Beverly Thomas Grade Two Teacher.





She began teaching in the year 1992. She is a proud mother  of two sons and enjoys doing community outreach programmes.  Mrs. Thomas spends most of her time in church where she engages in things that she is most passionate about. She has taught Kindergarten, Grades 1, and 3 in her years of service.  But now she is back in Grade 2 and has been teaching this class for a number of years consecutively.  Her primary mission on earth is to remain a steadfast christian and to win souls for God.







Meet Grade Three Teacher Mr. Pius Ernest.





He began teaching with a Standard Six School Leaving Certificate in September 1979 an taught Standards 4, 5 and 6. When he became an ATU I, he was appointed permanent. Over the years, Mr. Ernest has attended no less than a hundred workshops in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, etc.  He has spent more than twenty years teaching in the senior department, but has taught Standard 1 to 5. He did the Mass Upgrading in 1988 and later did they regular two-year programme at the Division of Teacher Education. Presently, he is the proud and least frustrated teacher of Grade Three.






Meet Mrs. Philomenia Julian Grade Four Teacher.





She took on this teaching job in 1991.  After four years of teaching, she studied Teacher Education at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and obtained her certificate and Qualified Teacher status.  In 2009-2011 she studied the teaching of Language Arts with the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus in Barbados and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She is currently the Secretary of the Roseau R.C. Combined School Parent Teacher Association, teacher in charge of the school cooperative and Juniour Achievement. Mrs. Julian loves children and enjoys teaching very much.






Meet Grade Five Teacher Ms. Kenecia Chandler.





She holds an Associates Degree in Business Administration from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. She is now the teacher of Grade 5, this is her first year of teaching and says that it has been and exceptional experience thus far.  Ms. Chandler wishes to further herself after 2 years of teaching and study in the area of Teacher Education at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.  Her goal in the next 5 years is to complete a degree in Education and become an inspiration for the generation after her.






Meet Grade Six Teacher Mrs. Lydia Justin.





She joined the teaching profession in February of 1995. Her teaching career commenced at the Millet Primary School. During her 12 years at the school, she taught Grades 4, 5 and 6.  In 2007, Mrs. Justin joined the staff at the Roseau R.C. Combined School where she has taught Grades 5 and 6. Currently, She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Administration. She is the Science and Mathematics Co-coordinator, as well as the teacher-in-charge in the absence of the Principal. Her life’s work has been to impart knowledge and to help young girls and boys become the men and women of tomorrow.